How to Make the Perfect Rehearsal Bouquet

Rehearsal Bouquet2

Traditionally, the maid of honor, sometimes with the help of her fellow bridesmaids, will make a rehearsal bouquet for the bride to carry during the wedding rehearsal. This bouquet is traditionally made from all of the bows and ribbons taken off the wedding gifts the bride and groom receive at various teas, showers and engagement parties. This guide will hopefully help you create a perfect rehearsal bouquet for the bride in your life!

Step 1: If you haven’t already done this, gather the ribbons and bows from the bride. (Note: If the bride has not kept any bows or ribbons from her wedding gifts, don’t panic! You can easily obtain some ribbon scraps from fabric stores.) Separate bows from ribbons and colors from white.

Step 2: For the base of the rehearsal bouquet, some people suggest cardstock. I find this to be too flimsy to support the weight of all those bows. I would recommend you use a sturdy (white) paper plate instead. I like Chinet’s dinner plates the best. The plate is about 10″ in diameter. If you are uncomfortable with a bouquet this large, trim the outer edge off.

Step 3: For the handle of the bouquet, I suggest you use an empty paper towel roll. Draw a 1 1/2″ “X” through the center of the plate and cut along the X using your handy X-acto knife. (Note: please use a hard surface to cut on that is not your kitchen table or your lap!)

Step 4: Insert paper towel roll through X from top to bottom leaving about 2 1/2″ sticking out of the top.

Tip: You might want to make the handle easier to hold by cutting an additional 2″ off the bottom of the paper towel roll. However, this step is not essential.

Step 5:  Find the longest and thickest of the ribbons, either white or a color you like best. Fasten one end to paper towel roll directly underneath the paper plate with a corsage pin. Wind ribbon tightly around the paper towel roll. At the bottom, continue ribbon just over the edge of the paper towel roll so that it cannot be seen. Secure end tightly at bottom with additional corsage pins. Cut off excess ribbon.

Step 6: Begin by adding other ribbons to the paper towel holder sticking out from the plate. You can secure them with tape, but I would recommend using staples or corsage pins. Fasten ribbons so that the ends drape off of the plate.

Tip: for easy handling, place the bouquet inside a vase.

Step 7: Now attach the bows, alternating colors and fabric types. Fill in the entire plate. For added dimension, attach bows to the sides and top of the top of the paper towel holder. When you have attached all bows and ribbons, gently shake the bouquet to make sure you have everything attached securely.

Congratulations, you’ve made an awesome rehearsal bouquet! Take lots of pictures of your artwork; this is going to be a great memento for your bride’s scrapbook! Below is a picture of the finished rehearsal bouquet I made for my sister’s wedding.

And here’s the finished product in use at the rehearsal.

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